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Grown By Nature would like to welcome Dr. Carolyn Dean as our latest

Holistic Advisory Board Member.


A note from Grown By Nature’s Founder: “I first spoke with Dr. Carolyn Dean a few years ago when she was very excited about Grown By Nature after hearing about us on the Genesis Communication radio Network. She had been a regular expert guest on a few of their radio programs. After just a few conversations, I knew I was in the presence of someone special, often referring to her as an ‘Angel in Disguise’.  I met with her in Manhattan, and from there we scheduled a visit to The Grow Company (our nutrient manufacturer) where she was given apersonal tour. Since that time, she has been very active in promoting Grown By Nature to her clients and was also very helpful in introducing our nutrients to some large retail centers. Her efforts are selfless and we appreciate all that she does. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with her website,, and also read through her programs. She is also available for phone consultations. Mention Grown By Nature as your referral and she will help to customize your nutrient needs. Thank you, Carolyn for all your blessed efforts. God bless you always”



Grown By Nature uses Re-Natured ® nutrients, which are unique proprietary blends that are associated with essential Vitamins, para vitamins, minerals, trace minerals in an Amino acid complex with the nutrient co-factors of proteins, lipids and complex carbohydrates.

There have been over 50 studies conducted on Re-Natured ® nutrients, over 20 of which have been peer reviewed and published in reputable journals worldwide demonstrating their superiority over USP (United States Pharmacopeia) nutrients.*(*See disclaimer at the bottom of the page) 

 USP nutrients are the standard source used for most supplements, used in over 95% of the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements worldwide.

 However, USP nutrients are pharmaceutical chemicals that have never appeared in any living tissue structure, whether it be in plant cells or animals' tissue. USP nutrients are chemicals processed in pharmaceutical labs; they are not food supplements.

 As humans, we are part of a food-chain that has existed from our beginning. We either eat plants, grains, beans and nuts, or we eat the meat from the animals that eat the plants, grains, beans and nuts.

 Conclusion: We receive our nutrients through the plants, grains, beans and nuts upon this earth.

 ...and our plants, grains, beans and nuts receive their nutrients from the soil.

 Further Conclusion: We receive our nutrients through the plants, grains, beans and nuts that

receive their nutrients through the soil upon this Earth...

 Skipping the Middle Man

 Other supplement companies will have you believing that the nutrients they are selling you are actually the same structures of vitamins and minerals as found in our food in nature. The truth is that what you often get, (over 95% of the time) is the ground mineral, (i.e. carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, etc.), not the plant structure.

 Conclusion: These supplements are in forms not recognizable to the body as they are chemicals and lack the proper delivery structures from food such as protein carriers, fatty acids, lipids, complex carbohydrates, etc.

 As humans, we are not supposed to eat ground minerals, or dirt and sand.

 We are supposed to receive our nutrients through the plants, grains, beans and nuts 

that  fed off of these ground minerals.Otherwise we're skipping the middle man.

 Remember the old adage: "You are what you eat"?

 Well we invite you to take a look at what you are eating, or ingesting.

 For example: Did you know that Calcium Carbonate is the most popular selling form of Calcium in supplements?  It is merely ground-up limestone, "used primarily as an antacid and in the manufacture of paint, rubber, plastics, ceramics, putty, polishes, insecticides, & inks. It is also used as filler for adhesives, matches, pencils, crayons, linoleum, insulating compounds, & welding rods?" (1)

This listing is from the Pharmaceutical Index, and those are the listed uses. That's right; did you notice there is not a single mention of Calcium Carbonate use as a food supplement? It is not a food supplement as it is a ground mineral, and is not found in any living cell structure on earth. Calcium Carbonate also has been associated with traces of Arsenic, Cadmium and lead? Visit our page on Calcium Comparisons.

 We are what we eat. Since we are of nature, we should eat foods in a natural form. Only Grown By Nature offers this full line of Re-Natured ® nutrients in their natural food form.

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Disclaimer:  *Any studies quoted throughout this website may not conform to peer-reviewed standards, therefore the results are inconclusive.


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