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      Replenishing Creams.

What sets Grown By Nature’s skin care products apart from others, is its natural

bio-active ingredients. When our natural bio-actives are used in the very best of

modern skin treatment bases, they are more effective, natural, milder, and

well-tolerated by everyone. By building on our understanding and pioneering

efforts in the field of nutrition, and combining the very best of skin care treatments

with the latest in anti-aging products, we strive to bring about a revolution

in the skin care industry.




Skin, the largest human organ, is the first line of defense against environmental

pollution, aging, and external destruction. Human skin is bombarded daily by

elements in the environment, with everything from sunlight to air pollution

contributing to skin damage. According to American Academy of Dermatology,

more than 40 percent of the US population perceive themselves as having sensitive

skin. Skin can be sensitive by nature or become so over time. There are many

contributing factors to having sensitive skin. With age, the skin tends to become

thinner. Combined with the slowing down of oil production, loss of elasticity, and

environmental influence, this can result in overly dry skin with increased sensitivity.

Harsh cleansing products can deplete the natural protective lipid barrier. Excessive

exposure to the elements can also cause redness and sensitivity. Facial redness is a

problem for 16 million women who live with it every day. Hormonal fluctuation and

certain medications can also result in skin sensitivity. Therefore, people with sensitive

skin should avoid products that contain harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients

TECHNOLOGY (A note from our Manufacturer)


Even as consumers become more interested in the beneficial aspects of cosmetic

products, they are searching for brands with no harshness. At Grow Company, Inc.,

we step beyond just producing products, and continue to explore new delivery

systems to ensure bioavailability of efficacious doses of the desired nutrients. One

such delivery system is the targeted delivery technology or Vital Food Factors (VFF).

Targeted delivery technologies are generally designed to deliver a measurable amount

of an ingredient to a specific site. Targeted delivery can also improve the efficacy of a

product by aiming it to where it is needed the most. These delivery systems are a

combination of exclusive peptides and proteins, carrying active nutrients.

Our skin is designed to block out foreign substances that can be harmful. In many

instances, active ingredients are faced with the same barriers. Targeted Delivery

System, on the other hand, packs an extra-powerful punch to help the important

ingredients get absorbed through skin and into the body.




Most of our cosmetic products are produced by utilizing Lactobacillus bulgaricus

(yogurt culture) coupled with exclusive proprietary process of Bio-Fusion®. Yogurt is

a traditional remedy for dry and aging skin. Cosmetic grades have been used in skin

care formulations since the 1920's. Recent advances in cosmetic science have allowed

the development of an activated yogurt culture which will help to reduce the effects of

aging, sun-exposure and general skin dryness. Traditional uses have included

preventing the skin from "darkening" or aging, as well as preventing the formation of

"age spots" and the development of freckles. Yogurt and milk have been used to

enhance skin lightness and maintain youthful vitality for over 3000 years.

SRF2 works to enliven and enable the skin's defenses, helping to keep them working

efficiently for better looking skin. SRF2 is a nature-identical plant growth factor.

These factors are comprised of select nutritional peptides, which can be used to

enhance and amplify the utilization of energy within the cell, and stimulate the

natural defense systems. Continual daily use can bring about a rebirth by utilizing the

skin's natural renewal processes. This can result in a brighter, more youthful





SRF2 is a complete, nutritionally balanced bio-active product, consisting of peptides,

glycopeptides, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals; specifically calcium,

which is responsible for "balanced skin conditions".




The bioactivity of each lot of SRF2 is established by measuring the increased cellular

respiration (metabolism) of living cells, using updated protocols which encompass a

modified version of the Nobel Prize winning Warburg test. This measures the

enhanced oxygen uptake by living cells. Efficient utilization of oxygen by the

mitochondria ensures that the skin cells can function efficiently, leading to faster

                                                 renewal and resulting in brighter, fresher looking skin.     

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 Anti-Ageing Wrinkle-reducing Skin Cream

Lavender & Jasmine



Tissue Regenerative Factor (TRF) cream is an emollient

and moisturizer used to support good tone clarity and skin texture. Regular application of TRF cream can cause reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. This special Tissue Regenerative Factor we believe is from the best that nature has to offer - pure natural regenerative essential oils such as Lavender extract and Jasmine essence and allied them with the high performance TRF ingredient which has been proven to improve skin tone and texture, elasticity and smoothness of the skin lasticity and smoothness of the skin.


Recommended use: Apply morning and evening using light upward stroking movements to the face and neck, avoiding the immediate eye contour area.


50 gram Jar……$89 (Click here to Order)


*Save $38 when purchased in combination with Innature’s Exfoliating Cream (Silver Band), and  Anti-Ageing Wrinkle-reducing Skin Cream Lavender & Jasmine:

                            $299 (Click here to Order)




(Silver Band)



Description:  This special cream is designed to allow your skin to breath. The Exfoliating Cream uses the elements from fresh fruit extracts to peel down deep into the skin’s surface allowing the skin respiratory factors to re-energize your skin deep down helping it to “breath” in oxygen for a youthful dynamic look.


The Exfoliating Cream contains extracts from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Oranges, Lemons and Sugar Maple designed to renew the skin and leave it with a fresh healthy appearance and feel; while the moisture rich energizing peptide vectors help the skin use oxygen to renew itself and stimulate re-growth of collagen deep down, restoring youthful firmness, softness whilst enhancing skin clarity and providing great tone The Silver Exfoliating Cream will flood the skin with revitalizing moisture; re-energize the surface by leaving it soft and smooth.


1. Stimulating collagen synthesis

2. Reducing aging signs

3. Soothing damaged skin effectively and naturally

4. Moisturizing the skin

5. Promoting wound healing

6. Reducing/Lightening/Eliminating age spots

7. Eliminating dead skin and generating fresh new skin



After washing/cleaning your skin with a mild cleanser, apply the cream to the skin’s surface, rubbing it well. Leave on for 30 minutes then gently wash off. After rinsing, the skin will look renewed; have better clarity and greater resilience.



All the ingredients used in manufacturing of these creams are of natural sources and the only cosmetic products containing ingredients developed with Re-Natured® technology.


50 gram Jar…….$119 (Click here to Order)



                            $219 (Click here to Order)


*Save $38 when purchased in combination with Innature’s  Anti-Ageing Wrinkle-reducing Skin Cream Lavender & Jasmine, and MOISTURISING CREAM (GOLD BAND) AGE-DEFYING GLUTATHIONE GLYCOPEPTIDE VECTORS                          

                           $299 (Click here to Order)









Description:  The main bio-ingredient of the moisturising cream is food type glutathione. The cream functions as a delivery system for the actives. As a high intensity cream, it is designed to smooth and blur away the cares of time, using a unique combination of bio-glutathione and bio-vitamin C to provide a natural refreshment to the skin, frequent use will result in better looking, brighter and smoother skin. Cofactors protect the cells against the destructive peroxide radicals and singlet oxygen. As we age, the skin’s ability to defend becomes less efficient, which leads to skin that appears dull and dry. Natural defense mechanism utilizes vitamins C, E, selenium, and glutathione. Glutathione is a tripeptide produced by the human body as a defense mechanism.

In a healthy body:

Selenium associates with the active site of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

Glutathione, vitamins C and E are partners in a natural detoxification process.

Vitamins C and E act as free-radical traps and prevent the formation of lipid hydroperoxides in membranes.

Selenium in the form of glutathione peroxidase reacts with the toxic lipid hydroperoxides that are formed from free radicals that escape vitamins C and E trapping and produces non-toxic lipid alcohols.



· Moisture retaining properties - Generates a barrier on the skin to retain moisture

· Collagen production – Inducing collagen production

· Skin protection – As an antioxidant protects the skin from harmful singlet oxygen

· Lightening effect – Lightens the age spots

· Silky skin – smoothes the skin

· Youthful appearance – due to high moisture retention skin regains its youthfulness

· Skin tightness – Moisture retention reduces the appearance of wrinkles



Apply sparingly to the face and neck focusing on the lines and wrinkles. Work gently into the lines and wrinkles and spread it out from there. Glutathione glycopeptide vectors provide immediate skin smoothness and will help to rebuild the skin to look youthful with continual use.


NOTE: All the ingredients used in manufacturing of these creams are of natural sources and the only cosmetic products containing ingredients developed with Re-Natured® technology.


50 gram Jar…….$129 (Click here to Order)


*Save $29 when purchased in combination with Innature’s Exfoliating Cream (Silver Band):

                             $219 (Click here to Order)


*Save $38 when purchased in combination with Innature’s Exfoliating Cream (Silver Band), and  Anti-Ageing Wrinkle-reducing Skin Cream Lavender & Jasmine:

                            $299 (Click here to Order)




"Hi Jason,

I've been using Innature exfoliating cream and moisturizing cream for about six weeks and I'm happy with the results so far. I went through many anti aging products before I heard about Innature.  Knowing the quality of your Grown-By-Nature supplements I felt confident about the quality of these products.
The results are quite amazing compared to that of other products. Right away I noticed my skin felt smoother and more hydrated. After a couple applications the exfoliating began. I've used numerous exfoliants and never got results like this. Removing those dead skin cells made a huge difference in the texture and feel of my skin. I seem to experience some exfoliating almost everyday. It's wonderful!  I've noticed my jaw line reappearing. My skin is tightening and firming and the wrinkles are smoothing. I have a problem with large pores and I'm seeing these diminish somewhat. Even seeing some improvement in bags under my eyes. Still got a ways to go but I continue to see improvement almost everyday. I know this sounds almost too good too be true. But these are the results I've received so far in just six weeks. I use the exfoliant at least once a day and the moisturizer morning and night. I love these products.
Thank you Jason for bringing them to us.

Dianne T. "



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