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 Studies & Comparisons

A must read: "Basic Guide to Vitamins & Minerals (and their sources)"

 Calcium & Blood Pressure

Published: Nutrition Reports InternationalSeptember 1987 Vol.36 No.3"Comparison of Different forms of Calcium on Blood Pressure of Normotensive Young Males",

"The Calcium Yeast (Re-Natured®) group was the only group to undergo a significant change in diastolic blood pressure as a result of supplementation"~Joe A. Vinson, Teressa Mazur, and Pratima Rose

 Antioxidant Supplement study on lipid peroxidation.

Published: Med.Sci.Res 1992;20,145-146,"Effect of Vitamins A,E and a Citrus Extract on In Vitro and In Vivo Lipid Peroxidation"


Human Supplementation w/ different types of Vitamin C

Joe A. Vinson, 1986 (unpublished),"Human Supplementation with Different Forms of Vitamin C"


 Bioavailability of different forms of Vitamin C

Joe A. Vinson PhD, Pratima Bose PhdDepartment of Chemistry, Scranton University, PAPublished: American Journal of Clinical NutritionVol. 48, No. 3 pp 601-604 September 1988,"Comparitive Bioavailability of Ascorbic Acid Aloneor in a Citrus Extract"


Antioxidant Supplementation and adenomatous polyps 

Published: Gut 1993, 24, 963-967"Effects of Vitamin Antioxidant Supplementation on Cell Kinetics of Patients with Adenomatous Polyps"R.J Cahill, R.R. O'Sullivan, P.M. Mathias, S. Beattie, H. Hamilton, C. O'MorainDepartment of Gastroenterology, Meath and Adelaide Hospital Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland


 1 year follow up on antioxidant supplementation

Published: Irish Journal of Medical Science(1993) . 162 No.7. P285"Cell Kinetics of Selenium & Vitamin C in Subjects with Adenomatous Polyps",R.J Cahill, K O'Sullivan, J. Beattie, H.Hamilton, C O'Morain. 

European Journal of Cancer Prevention; 1993



 Comparitive Human Bioavailability of Different forms of Copper

Joe A Vinson, 1986 (Unpublished)



 Human Bioavailability of Sodium Selenite and High Selenium Yeast

 Joe A Vinson, 1987 (Unpublished)



 Magnesium Absorption with Different forms of Magnesium

Joe A Vinson, 1986 (Unpublished)



 Protein Glycation and Vitamin C

Joe A. Vinson and Thomas D. Howard IIIPublished: Nutritional Biochemistry 7:659-663, 1996"Inhibition of Protein Glycation and Advanced Glycation End Products by  Ascorbic Acid and other Vitamins and Nutrients"



 Reduction of Erythrocyte Sorbitol by Vitamin C

Joe A Vinson, Marianne E Staretz, Pratima Bose, Hassan M. Kassm and Barbara S. BasalygaPublished: Diabetes. Vol 38 August 1989,"In Vitro and In Vivo Reduction of Erythrocyte Sorbitol by Ascorbic Acid"



 Re-Natured Vitamin C and Hypercholesterolemic Humans

Joe A Vinson Ph.D. and Jinhee Jang, M.A.Published: Journal of Medicinal FoodVolume 4, Number 4 2001(C) Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.,"In Vitro and In Vivo Lipoprotein Antioxidant Effect of a Citrus FruitExtract and Ascorbic Acid on normal andhypercholesterolemichuman subjects."



 High Chromium Yeast and Blood Glucose Control and Blood Lipids of Normal and Diabetic Humans

Joe A Vinson and P. BoseDepartment of Chemistry, University of ScrantonPublished: Nutrition Reports International October 1984, Vol 30. No. 4,"The Effect of a High Chromium Yeast on the Blood Glucose Controland blood lipids of Normal & Diabetic Human Subjects"



 Toxicity- SEE BELOW


 Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and ColonPolypsTrinityCollege of Dublin, Ireland- SEE BELOW





Toxicity -"Let Thy Food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates"

 Grown By Nature is a necessity; it is not simply a luxury. We invite you to take a closer look into what exactly it is that we put into our bodies on a daily basis. The toxicity of a substance or a chemical compound can be determined in many ways including chronicand acute exposure. The most common method is the lethal dose50 (LD50) which is defined by the "Registry of toxic Effects of chemical substances" published by the US Public Health Service (1978 edition) as a "Calculated dose which is expected to cause death of 50% of a defined animal Population.1


 In this study, Vinson determines that the common USP ingredient for Selenium, "Sodium Selenite", has a 2.94 higher lethal dose level than Re-Natured® Selenium Yeast.1This is because Sodium Selenite, as with all other isolated nutrients, is not found in nature's food complexes. They are simply isolated chemicals. If you analyze yeast, which has a natural affinity towards selenium, you will never find the isolated nutrient Sodium Selenite. If you analyze yeast, which has been fed the important isolated nutrient during its growth stage, you will find that the yeast has metabolized the isolated nutrient, and the yeast is now naturally embedded with Selenium, without the remainders of toxic isolated chemical components; as you will find it organically bound in its natural food complex. Grown By Nature's Re-Natured® Selenium & AminoAcid Complex is not toxic because it is found in a food complex, not as an isolated chemical.


Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and Colon Polyps Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland conducted a one month trial using Re-Natured® nutrients Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. The study was conducted on participants that were high marks for Colon Cancer with abnormal cells in their colon polyps.

 This study and its amazing results were published in two internationally recognized journals: Gut in 1993 and The Irish Journal of Medical Science in 1993. 


The Control Group with a higher initial level of abnormal cells in their colon polyps (than is normal in healthy people) who took no supplement saw no change, but for those that did take Re-Natured® supplements , the effects are dramatic.

 Participants took 9mg of Re-Natured® Beta-Carotene daily in one group, and another group took 750 mg daily of Re-Natured® Vitamin C.

 While the control group who took no supplements saw no signs of improvement, the Re-Natured® Beta-Carotene group experienced a significant drop in abnormal cells in colon polyps, and the group that took Re-Natured®Vitamin C actually experienced a drop of abnormal cells in their colon polyps even lower than normal groups.


Vitamin C, Selenium and Colon Polyps (1 year follow-up)


Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland

The Results were so astonishing, Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland continued the study for a full year, now implementing Re-Natured® Selenium and Re-Natured® Vitamin C. The results had gained even greater attention in a full year study, so much so that this study was published in two European Journals,

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention in 1993

and The Irish Journal of Medical Science in 1993.

While there was a significant drop in abnormal cells in colon polyps after just one month, the rates continued to decline the full year when supplementing with Re-Natured® nutrients.

 Both Re-Natured® Selenium and Re-Natured® Vitamin C significantly reduced the levels of abnormal cells in the colon polyps of those participants in the study, who were initially marked as high risk candidates for developing colon cancer.


1 Vinson, J.A., 1981 Selenium Toxicity Stud

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4 The Irish Journal of Medical Science, 1993






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